Sinead Beirne

“I qualified as an RGN at St Vincent’s University Hospital and previously worked in oncology for many years.  I would stress the one ‘qualification’ any person needs to work in care of the elderly is the natural ability to work with your heart.  It’s all about caring.  It’s about appreciating that you are a huge part of each residents’ day and a huge part of their life.  We make their day and let us not forget that we are working in their home so our mood, our attitude, our sense of caring, our communication skills all have a huge impact on each residents’ day.

Working in the acute sector I was completely frustrated by the red tape when trying to implement changes in practice and care.  Working in the nursing home sector allows for change.  Residents come first.

You work with your heart.  You get to know your residents and you build relationships that are very long-standing.  The bond becomes very strong – almost like they are your second family.  The people we care for are amazing people with amazing legacies and a generation from which we can learn a lot,”

Company Title: 

Person in Charge


Annabeg Nursing Home, Ballybrack, Co Dublin