Overseas Candidates

NMBI - Register as a Nurse with the Irish Nursing Board
Nursing and Midwifery Board of Ireland (NMBI) can be contacted on +353-1-639 8500 or via the website:  


Adaptation Programme - If you are a non-EEA trained Nurse you may be required to undergo a 6-week period of clinical adaptation


RCSI Aptitude test


prior to gaining full nurse registration

Adaptation Programme placements are now being co-ordinated by NAME TBC (Clinical Adaptation and Assessment for International Nurses) at Venue TBC and can be contacted on Number TBC.

The RCSI Co-ordinator details are as follows 

Maria Neary

RCSI Faculty of Nursing & Midwifery

Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland
Dublin 2, Ireland
E: marianeary@rcsi.ie W: www.rcsi.ie


Atypical Working Visa Scheme - Nurses coming to Ireland and who trained in non-EEA countries are facilitated under the Department of Justice and Equality “Atypical Working Scheme” (AWS). The AWS allows a candidate enter the country in a timelier manner rather than wait for the issuing of a work permit.  atypicalworkingscheme@justice.ie

Upon receipt of a decision letter from the NMBI (www.nursingboard.ie) the nurse or employer will apply for the AWS and may simultaneously apply for an entry visa if coming from a “visa required” country (e.g. India, The Philippines etc.). For a full list of visa required countries please check www.inis.gov.ie.

If the employer applies on behalf of the applicant they must sign the application as the authorised legal representative of the applicant. Cost: €250 to be paid by applicant (or the employer on their behalf). Please note as the fee must be paid in a € amount. The application is sent to: Atypical Working Scheme Division, Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Service, 13/14 Burgh Quay, Dublin 2

Applicant must ensure that all supporting documentation is attached to the application. Current processing time for applications is 3-4 days however, to allow for delays and request for additional information, please send the application to INIS at least 2 weeks in advance of the candidate entering the country.

One application by a non-EEA national will be permissible under this Scheme in a 12-month period.

For further information on this scheme and working in Ireland please log onto The Irish Immigration and Naturalisation Service   and  Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation

Entry Visas: To allow candidates coming from a visa required country enter Ireland (required in addition to the permit granted under the AWS). Cost of Entry Visa: €60 - €100 

In the case of visa-required nationals, a copy of the Letter of Approval issued by INIS under the Atypical Working Scheme must be included as a supporting document when applying for a Visa.

When completing the online Visa Application Form please choose option “Other” from the drop down menu and ensure that you enter “Atypical Working Scheme” and the name of the Irish based host body at the field “Purpose of Visit”. All candidates should apply for a “D long stay” Visa and must also register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau following arrival in the State. A contract of employment/job offer of 2 years duration must be offered to the candidate.

Registering with the Garda National Immigration Bureau: Cost: €300

Any person remaining in the State for more than 90 consecutive calendar days must register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB) and pay the associated registration fee.

Documents required for registration: Current Passport /  Letter of Approval /  Letter from Irish based host body confirming offer of employment / Up to date entry visa (if a visa-required non-EEA national)

Family Members: Family members may not accompany the person availing of this Scheme. In the event of exceptional circumstances INIS may be contacted in advance of an application being made however this does not guarantee a positive decision. This is without prejudice to the right of a family member who may make an application for immigration permission in his/her own right as permitted under the Immigration Act 2004.

Occupational Health Screening for Nurses on Clinical Adaptation Placement: All candidate’s meet pre-placement criteria. Completed application forms including a completed criteria check list, with supporting documentation, must be signed off by the employer and returned to the national coordinator’s office for verification in advance of candidate commencing their clinical placement.

Any Candidate who fails to meet all or part of the pre-programme criteria listed, will not be permitted to join the programme.

Please do not conduct pre-placement medicals and testing in your home country as:

1. It is not recognised by the clinical adaptation placement site and it may interfere with subsequent testing in Ireland.

2. Candidates must have their testing done in Ireland (as per pre-placement criteria). Candidates will need to be in the state at least two weeks prior to commencement to facilitate this.

Application for Employment Permit:

Persons who successfully complete the Clinical Adaptation process and receive their Registration Certificate must apply for an Employment Permit from the Department of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation within this timeframe (www.djei.ie). The application must be in respect of the same nursing home who applied for the AWS for the candidate. An application time of 3 weeks must be taken into account.

In order to be eligible for a Critical Skills Employment Permit an applicant must have a new job offer for 2 years from the nursing home. If the job offer is for less than 2 years then the candidate can apply for a General Employment Permit. CostCritical Skills Employment Permit - €1000 for a 2 year duration. / General Employment Permit   - €500 for a permit up to 6 months duration and €1000 from 6 months to 2 year duration.

Important Note: Candidates must remain in contact with the GNIB to ensure Immigration status is up to date at all times of the process and relevant immigration stamps are received on passport.

Valid Basic Life Support (Health Care Provider level – AHA/IHF) and valid patient Moving and Handling Training (completed in Ireland). Training must be provided by a FETAC registered trainer under General Application Regulation 2007 on the Manual Handling of loads which are regulations from the SHWW Act 2005. This training must be undertaken and completed prior to the commencement of the Adaptation Programme.

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