Donna Scott

“We get to know the residents in our care and tailor a care plan around their needs – it is not a box-ticking exercise.  Some of my responsibilities - other than caring for the residents’ needs – include budgetary control, human resources, marketing, training and development, as well as health & safety.  I regularly engage with varied members of a resident’s multidisciplinary care team, such as a GP, consultant, social worker, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, public health nurse and many more in the healthcare area.

To work as a nurse in my sector you need to be proactive and think on your feet.  This is where your management skills are put into place.  Nursing homes are nurse-led.  During your nursing career you need colleagues and managers who are generous with their time, expertise and practical advice.  You get this within the nursing home sector as a manager is always available to you for guidance.  In turn, you need to be willing to ask for and accept their wisdom and guidance and be realistic about your expectations.  In time with the right support and training you are likely to exceed your own expectations,”

Company Title: 

Acting Assistant Director of Nursing


Brindley Healthcare